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Breastfeeding Videos - Newborn and Infant Solid Foods

When the time comes to introduce your baby to solid foods, the medical recommendations seem to constantly shift. These days many parents of breastfed babies are told to exclusively breastfeed up to the age of 6 months and to then gradually introduce a variety of solid foods into their baby's diet. Unfortunately, although many new parents are full of good intentions, exclusively breastfeeding sometimes feels like it isn't enough for a hungry baby and as a result babies are often given solids prematurely, that is, before they reach the age recommended by medical professionals.

It is important to know that babies' digestive systems are often not matured enough for solid foods until they have reached at least 6 months of age. It is also important to know that babies have regular growth spurts and that they will often become more demanding during one of these phases. After a few days, a breastfeeding mum's milk supply will increase to meet her baby's extra needs and things will settle down again. This is why it is important to initially hold out from supplementing breastmilk with solid food or formula when your baby's demand increases before the age of 6 months. If you do choose to give solid food before your baby is 6 months of age , then it is likely that your own breastmilk supply will not increase to meet the baby's additional needs and you will find yourself continuing supplementing with food more often.

After around the age of 6 months and when the time does come to start supplementing breastmilk with solid food, your health visitor, community midwife or breastfeeding professional will be able to give guidance as to the best foods to introduce to your growing baby. The video below is also a good starting guide and will help you on your way.

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